June 23, 2024
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Changing the narratives: NGI empowers girls in Tamale with ICT training

Northern Girl Initiative, a non-governmental organization based in Tamale in collaboration with the Ghana Library Authority, has organised a 3-day ICT training for Junior High School girls in Tamale. The girls were drawn from Al-Markaziya and Zogbeli Block C Junior High Schools in the Tamale Metropolis, who hitherto had very little knowledge in ICT. The training forms part of activities leading to the implementation of the Young Techsters project which will be implemented by the Northern Girl Initiative and PAMEPI organisation in collaboration with the Northern Regional Library Authority in 2023.

Mr Mohammed Jaward Mohammed, an educationist, Entrepreneur and IT specialist, who was a lead facilitator during the training sessions was supported by four other volunteers and mentors.

The organisers advised the young girls to embrace Information Communication and Technology (ICT) studies in order to become future programmers and IT specialists.

The team explained that country was on a digitization and digitalization drive and finding space in the economy after pursuing a career in IT will soon be the a huge thing.

The Executive Director,  Ms DeLiman Ruka Yaro encouraged girls to work hard and consider pursuing careers that are stem related as a  major element in their personal growth.

“Part of the objectives of this project is to dispel the negative perception that Science and Technology education was not meant for girls and also to ensure that more girls and young women from deprived communities are encouraged to consider careers under STEM” she noted.

Hajia Alima Sagito Saeed Executive Director of SWIDA Ghana mentoring the girls during the training

The NGI ICT training for girls was climaxed with a visit to the Red Clay Art Center in Jenna -Tamale. The visit was meant to expose them to art and the beauty one can create using their minds and local resources including trash.

About the Young Techsters project

The one year Young Techsters project to be  implemented in the coming year, aims to provide access and use of ICT to  both girls and boys in the Junior and Senior High Schools in the Northern Region.

The project is also aimed at helping girls to overcome gender discrimination and barriers keeping girls away from progressing in the STEM field.

The girls responding to a question

About the Northern Girl Initiative

Northern Girl Initiative is a registered. Non-profit Organization that creates opportunities and provides support services to Young girls and Women from the Northern region of Ghana.

The “Northern Girl” is a metaphor to depict the vision of what and how the next generation of girls and women from the Northern Region of Ghana should look like. Embedded in this vision is a transformative element that targets opportunities and outcomes for girls and women from the region. It also entails a vision of girls and women as agents of change, whose empowerment will enhance their wellbeing and that of their households and the country at large.

Having experienced the desolation of poverty and transcended socio-cultural barriers while growing up in the Northern Region, two sisters – Sahada Alolo and Dr. Namawu Alolo – conceived and developed the Northern Girl Initiative. The Northern Girl uses innovative channels to bridge key gender differences in Northern Region of Ghana. The initiative serves a catalyst to leverage opportunities for girls to scale new heights.

Undoubtedly, women and girls face numerous challenges in the region. As such, it is fundamental to embrace strategic prioritisation of the areas of support in order to ensure maximum value addition on gender-related investments. The Northern Girl initiative therefore seeks to catalyse, convene and connect women and girls to important opportunities, particularly in the education sector and on the labour market.

It is a vertical initiative where women themselves identify the prerequisites for their transition to the next stage in life. In so doing, a differentiated approach is used to identify and support the Northern Girl’s transformation. Linking girls and women to critical resources therefore becomes a crucial step in the barriers that undermine their progress.

Story by Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan/radiotamaleonline.com

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