June 24, 2024
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20% ‘apio’ tax shows Akufo-Addo-Bawumia out of ideas – Minority Leader

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, has criticised the government’s proposed taxation on akpeteshie, petrol, and diesel. 

Dr. Forson decried the move as indicative of the government’s alleged lack of innovative economic management.

In a vehemently worded statement, Dr. Forson condemned the imposition of a 20% tax on akpeteshie, a local alcoholic beverage, expressing concerns about its adverse effects on both local producers and consumers.

The proposed annual tax of GHC100 on all petrol and diesel vehicles, encompassing various modes of transportation, including trotros, aboboyaas, okadas, taxis, commercial buses, and ambulances, faced further denunciation from Dr. Forson.

Challenging the government’s rationale of promoting cleaner energy sources, such as electric vehicles, Dr. Forson asserted that it served as a mere smokescreen for the actual motive of revenue generation.

Highlighting the government’s alleged lack of creativity in formulating effective economic policies, Dr. Forson argued that resorting to indiscriminate taxation reflected an insatiable appetite for revenue rather than innovative governance.

“This government, indeed, has an insatiable appetite for taxes”, Dr Forson said, adding: “The Akufo-ddo/Bawumia government is imposing 20% tax on ‘akpeteshie’ (they have run out of ideas)”. 

Also, he said: “Petrol and diesel vehicle owners should also expect to pay a new annual tax of GHS100 per vehicle on all petrol and diesel cars (internal combustion engine vehicles).”

“This tax will be imposed on all trotros, aboboyaas, okadas, taxis, commercial buses, trucks, ambulances, construction and heavy-duty vehicles, water tankers, private cars, etc. Once your vehicle is powered by petrol or diesel, the government is imposing this tax on you.”

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