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2022 In Review: Top Entertainment Highlights in Northern Ghana

The world of Arts and Entertainment in Ghana has always chock-a-block with top entertainment news, gossips, lifestyle and fashion and outdoor events from January through to December, especially in the most developed cities of Ghana.

In other parts of the country especially the North, Tamale which is the capital of Northern region is equally considered the headquarters of entertainment activities, the year 2022 recorded a number of unforgettable moments within the predominantly youth driven industry.

Here are some of the entertainment industry events and activities that took major headlines in the Northern region;

1. Fad lan and Maccasio race to organize show at Bukom Arena
Right after the success of Fancy Gadam 1Don concert, Young-bull had displayed interest in staging a commercial show at Bukom Boxing Arena, later his godfather Maccasio also announce his intentions. This according to the 69 fans is a breach of trust because they believe Maccasio intention was clearly and Fad Lan was supposed to stand down for the 69 boss show to finish before announcing. Ramadan was approaching the two schedule their shows just a month or less from each other, with Maccasio throne concert coming off on February and Fad lan March

2. Fad Lan Grace Concert records low turnout
The turnout of the Grace Concert at Bukom Boxing Arena was something no one expected way beyond comprehension as the success at Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium was massive . Though a lot of outrageous figures purported to be the numbers at the Arena was not true. In a Twitter Space organize by Wumpini the Young rapper confirm the low turnout.

3. Mr. Tell talks about Fad Lan flopped show
Controversial Personality, hijacked the whole issue to discussing on his most listened radio drive time show Bugum Beni . This went on for days , at a point people basically teasing the young rapper Fad Lan.

4. Mr. Tell vs fancy Gadam Beef
At least we thought everything was over then the major highlight of the year Fancy Gadam and Adugali Movement Boss . Mr Tell. This beef should be the longest beef ever in the entertainment history of the north, after days of insulting Fancy Gadam, beaten up by Fancy Gadam brother, the controversial police case rumour of Mr. Tell remanded, Fancy Gadam brother arrested, releasing of diss tracks from both etc

5. Fancy Gadam 10 anniversary
Then the announcement of 10th anniversary celebration by Fancy Gadam at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, another hell of a story to be alive in that particular year. All in all Despite the beef and also the changing of date all due to Adugali 10 anniversary announcement. Massive Turnout and sold out concert that trended nationwide highly because of the presence of Hajia4real.

6. Mr. Tell 10 anniversary
Halik contribution to the entertainment industry is very massive and can not be doubted in anyway. Celebrating 10 years behind the microwave is huge and the turnout at the Tamale Taxi rank says it all.

7. Glory album by Maccasio
The highly and most talked about album Glory Album by rapper Maccasio with A listed artists across the country, with highly eyes on you featuring Stonebwoy been the top song of the album. Maccasio climax and success launch his album with a concert dubbed Glory Concert at Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium

8. Fancy Gadam jets off to UK , seen wearing LGBTQ++++ shirt in the streets of London, sparking a lot of talking and initiated the conversation of artist from this part of the country travelling without their management or anyone.

9. Dj krouch beaten at Sagani Tv
Northern longest entertainment talk show North Arts on Sagani Tv hosted by Hajj Sadick Cybha invited Dj Krouch and Wolung Lana for discussion.
Despite Dj Krouch late arrival, the beautiful educative program turn upsidedown as Wolung Lana would did not allow Krouch to finish his statement which ended in a live Tv karate show.

10. Sagani ban wolung lana
23 hours after or less after the incident at Sagani Tv, the station ban Wolung Lana for 5 years , check the next event

11. wolung lana ban sagani tv
In the twist of events, Wolung Lana ban Sagani Tv forever.

12. 2023 began with Mr. Tell live in Accra concert recording a very very low turnout, we can’t see to what happens as we start the new year.

13. Da Black Star also recorded a massive Turnout for his New north concert at Radach Lodge and Conference Center on 7th March , 2023.

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