June 18, 2024
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3 abandoned major projects at St. Monica’s College of Education affecting academic work

A 1500-Seater multi-purpose auditorium, a three-storey 400-bed capacity students’ hall of residence and a 300-capacity hostel project have been abandoned at St. Monica’s College of Education for lack of funds.

All projects are under GETFund Projects which began between 2012 and 2022.

The construction of the 1500-Seater multi-purpose auditorium and the three-storey 400-bed capacity students hall of residence started in 2012 while the 300-capacity hostel project also began in 2022. But all three projects have been abandoned in 2021, 2018, and 2022 respectively.

The 300-capacity hostel project is still at the foundation level, which currently poses a death trap due to the excavation done.

According to the college’s administration, the absence of these initiatives has an impact on academic work and the accommodation of 1600 students on campus. This is one of the reasons why the college has cut down admission from 510 to 310 students.

During the college’s 14th graduation ceremony, the principal, Dr Okyere Korankye, called on the government to release funds for the completion of the projects.

“We will be grateful if funds could be released for their completion as a matter of urgency,” he said.

Another challenge in the college is the lack of well-equipped science and mathematics laboratories to promote successful teaching, learning, and research.

“Our science laboratory is not spacious enough and currently lacks a lot of teaching and learning resources,” he noted.

According to Dr Korankye, management has submitted a proposal to the Ghana Gas Company to seek funding for the development of a modern science and maths laboratory to encourage STEM education.

The principal is concerned about student safety as he plans to complete the walling of the college grounds to prevent theft and criminal activity by unscrupulous people who use unapproved entrances.

“In order to curb this anomaly, there is an urgent need to complete walling of the college land. The college management has developed a proposal to solicit for assistance from all stakeholders to support the walling project.”

Source: Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen

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