June 21, 2024
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9 Fishermen Missing At High Seas

Fishermen in Takoradi, a coastal district in the Western region, are living in fear as a canoe and its nine crew members have gone missing at high seas.

The crew members set sail on June 27, 2023, but have not returned since then.

According to reports, the fishermen lost contact with their colleagues shortly after setting out for sea. All nine crew members are yet to be found, leaving their families and friends worried.

Speaking to the media, Kwame Tawiah, the owner of the boat, said the crew members left the Ngyirasia fishing harbour for the Half Assini area, but have not returned.

He added that they have informed the police for assistance and are hoping the missing crew will return soon.

Mr. Tawiah further revealed that the missing crew called him briefly on the morning of July 7, indicating that they were all alive but had no fuel in the boat. However, their phone went off immediately, and their location is currently unknown.

Six other boats have been sent to look for the missing crew members, and MTN has been notified to help in tracking their last location.

The situation remains tense, and the search for the missing fishermen continues.

Story By Daily Guide

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