June 24, 2024
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Academic Calendar Affecting 2023 Christmas Sales – Traders Lament

Traders at the CMB in Accra, have expressed worry over the negative impact of this year’s academic calendar on their businesses, as they are recording low sales amidst the festive season.

Some traders in an exclusive interview with The Ghana Report revealed that Christmas paraphernalia, hampers, or food items often purchased the most during the Christmas season are witnessing low patronage this year with most customers or window shoppers claiming wards will be returning to school in a few days.

According to the traders, although they recorded low sales last year and 2021, this particular year seems to be the worst.

“This year has been one of the terrible years for us. People are not buying items for Christmas like they used to in previous years due to this year’s academic calendar. The academic calendar has negatively affected Christmas sales this year. Most people will tell you they are still buying school items or saving their money since their wards will be returning to school in a few days.

“Most of us went for loans to buy items to sell this Christmas but we are in debt because we are unable to retrieve the money we invested in these items we are selling in the market.

“Last year by this time, sales were booming but this year we are not witnessing any good sales. The government should intervene for us”, one woman who sells ladies’ outfits.

Another lady, who has been selling hampers for about seven years now at the market said this year’s festive season has not started well with her yet she is hoping sales will increase in subsequent days.

“I’m called Priscilla and every year I have been making some hampers at the Accra Central Police Station. I have done this business for seven years. Comparing this year to last year, I will say there’s a mile difference. Last year was a busy year for us but this year is a bit very slow and I think it’s because of the increment of the items but we are also trying our best to make it moderate for everyone to be able to buy some.

“Last year the prices ranged from GH₵80 to GH₵450 but compared to this year it ranges from GH₵150 to GH₵500”, she added.Audio Player



Another trader who sells Christmas paraphernalia like hats, decorated headbands, shiny for hanging, and other items associated with Christmas especially disclosed to The Ghana Report that sales are not good enough as compared to previous years with the reason being the academic calendar clashing with the festive season.

“I am even surprised because I can’t believe we have less than a week to celebrate Christmas. Last year or last two years by this time, I have restocked about three times but this year market is very bad,” she added.

“Everyone is saying there’s no money. People are buying school items rather than Christmas paraphernalia this year and I don’t know why. Anyway, we are praying things will change by next week else, hmmm…we will be in serious trouble because most people use loans for this kind of business”.

The story is not different from those who sell all kinds of rice, oil, mackerel, drinks, frozen meat and other food items used for the festive season.

A visit to one colossal shop with over 500 5kg rice packed in sacks, countless oil, different brands of tin tomato pastes and other items reveal that traders have prepared for the festive season.

However, an interview with Alhaji Musah, a shareholder of the business says their expectation for the festive season has not been met but he is hoping things will change in subsequent days.

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