July 12, 2024
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Haruna Iddrisu Warns Politicians: Neglecting Public Needs Risks Unrest

At the 15th MTN Pulse Africa Transform Summit held in Kumasi, Haruna Iddrisu, MP for Tamale South, issued a stern warning to politicians, urging them to take the aspirations of Ghanaians seriously, drawing a cautionary comparison to the recent violent protests in Kenya.

Iddrisu underscored the potential consequences of neglecting public concerns, emphasizing the need for authorities to heed the lessons from Kenya to avoid similar unrest in Ghana.

I don’t want to encourage a Kenyan example in Ghana. But the political elites, including me, must be guided by developments in Kenya not to take the aspirations of the Ghanaian people for granted and not to take the concerns and legitimate issues of the populace for granted, he remarked.

Highlighting the persistent lack of basic amenities in many parts of Ghana, Iddrisu stressed the duty of politicians to address these deficiencies.

There are many parts of this country that are still looking for good roads, they don’t have access to potable water, they don’t have access to electricity, and the educational facilities are not functioning the way they should. That is what you elect us to do whether as president or MPs, that is what you require us to do, he stated.

As the December 2024 general elections draw nearer, Iddrisu called on the youth to voice their concerns and prioritize the nation’s welfare.

If things are not right, speak up that they are not right regardless of whether it is this party or that party or this person or that person, you must speak out on what is good and what is right for this country because you love your country, he urged.

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