June 13, 2024
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Akosua Agyapong threatens to sue GHAMRO CEO Abraham Adjatey  

The Chairperson for the United Concerned Members of GHAMRO, Akosua Agyapong has given the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) Abraham Adjatey, a two-day ultimatum to provide proof to an allegation he made against her. 

Speaking to Joy Entertainment on the sideline of a press conference organised by the UNICOM GHAMRO in Accra on June 15, 2033 at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Akosua said Abraham had alleged that she had formed a new group for spinners and was taking royalties from them. 

She refuted the claims and asked Abraham to provide evidence in 48 hours or face a legal action. 

“I am giving Abraham Adjatey 48 hours. If he doesn’t come to show the papers to prove that I have registers a spinners association, and doesn’t come to apologise, I am telling you he will meet me in court. And I mean I because he is trying to spoil my name and I don’t like that,” she added. 

“At their press conference, Abraham Adjatey said on authority that I had registered a spinners association and they are collecting money for me. I haven’t done that and I will never do that because I am the same people who is telling them not to pay. So I don’t know why I will tell them not to pay and I will form an association,” Akosua said.

Talking about the Attorney General’s decision not to renew GHAMRO’s licence and the need to sanitise the organisation, Akosua said the only way to make GHAMRO work is for them to comply with the Attorney General’s directive.

Akosua also called for the dissolution of the entire GHAMRO leadership to make room for a new one. 

“We don’t have logging system, we don’t know how the money is being shared, we don’t know anything that goes on at GHAMRO. People play out music and they don’t log it. 

According to Akosua the Attorney General should make it possible for another collective management organisation to operate. 

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