June 21, 2024
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Akufo-Addo doesn’t listen to advice ~ NPP former constituency chairman fires.

The former Sagnarigu constituency chairman for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhassan Yahaya, popularly known as chairman Poncho has said that Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo is not a listening president, adding that if he was, the country wouldn’t be struggling at this stage under him.

Chairman Poncho made these comments when he phoned into a live radio discussion on radio Tamale’s current affairs programme dubbed – Ashahara Nye Dini today Wednesday, July 5, disagreeing with NPP communicator who said on the show that “Alan is not truthful about him offering the government his advice on IMF and it was rejected”.

According to Mohammed Soawi who represented the NPP, Alan Kojo Kyeremanteng has not been truthful with Ghanaians when he told delegates that if he was listened to, the government wouldn’t go to the IMF.

This provoked the NPP former Sagnarigu constituency chairman to call him and asked, “to the NPP rep who said why Alan didn’t advised the president himself (on the economy), does the president look like someone who is ready to listen to advice from any other person? If president Akufo-Addo was a listening president, he would have listened to the call by the majority MPs to reshuffle his finance minister who has not demonstrated enough competence to handle the ministry. So I don’t think Alan should have wasted his time on him”, he concluded.

The former Minister of Trade and Industry and New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer aspirant, Alan Kyerematen, has asserted that Ghana could have avoided seeking assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if his ideas had been heeded and implemented.

During his Greater Accra delegates’ tour, Alan Kyerematen highlighted the President’s Special Initiatives (PSI) introduced during the erstwhile John Agyekum Kuffour’s administration as a game-changing concept that could have transformed Ghana’s economic trajectory if embraced by the nation.

Reflecting on his contributions to the country, he expressed a sense of regret, stating, “the amount of work I have done for this country, sometimes I even feel ashamed talking about it.”

“In President Kufuor’s era, I was one of the senior ministers in Kufuor’s administration. I brought PSI (The President’s Special Initiatives), and if Ghanaians had listened to me, today Ghana wouldn’t have gone to the IMF,” he added.

He emphasized his role in introducing the President’s Special Initiatives during President John Agyekum Kufuor’s administration and suggested that had Ghanaians embraced his ideas, the country would not have resorted to seeking assistance from the IMF, he is quoted to have said.

The strategic intent of the PSIS, according to the NPP government, was to move Ghana’s economy beyond HIPC status and reduce the country’s over-dependence on aid and donor support and a few commodity exports by finding new pillars of growth.

Story by Fuseini Safianu/radiotamaleonline.com

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