July 20, 2024
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Alan announces plans to abolish Council of State

The founder and leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has announced his plans to abolish the Council of State if elected president.

The party successfully launched its manifesto named The Great Transformational Plan on Monday, June 24, with a focus on areas such as economy and governance.

Speaking during the launch, Alan Kyerematen stated that the Council of State will be replaced with a new Second Chamber of Parliament with representation from key stakeholder groups like the labour unions

“Abolish the Council of State and establish a new Second Chamber of Parliament with a representation from key stakeholders including faith-based organisations, traditional authorities, professional bodies, gender-based organisations, the private sector, labour unions, and people with disabilities.

“That is the truly representative government. That is what we call an all-inclusive government and national unity, and that is going to happen.”

Mr Kyerematen also stated that the two major political parties, – – the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) – have exhausted their competencies and capabilities and should not be returned to power.

He explained that both parties have had the opportunity to govern the country for the last 32 years and have yet to demonstrate, either through words or actions, what viable plans they have for the country going into the future.

Instead, he is urging Ghanaians to ignore the NPP and NDC and bring a new face such as the Movement for Change (M4C), which he is leading and intends to contest the 2024 Presidential election as an independent candidate.

He made the statement when he launched his “Great Transformational Plan (GTP)” in Accra on Monday (June 24, 2024).

The GTP, according to Alan Kyerematen “is a blueprint to Ghana’s economic transformation and outlines robust policy prescriptions and practical steps towards building an enterprise economy in the country.”

Among other things, the plan is to build a prosperous, united and peaceful Ghana that provides equal opportunities for all, particularly young people, women and other vulnerable group to realise their full potential and improve their livelihoods and general well-being.

Mr Kyerematen who is the leader of the Movement for Change (M4C), noted that the two leading parties, over the last three decades that they have been in power, resulted in extensive borrowing to finance their manifesto promises.

He stated that, with only five months remaining until the general elections, citizens were still waiting for the manifestos of the two leading parties saying, “The culture of unrestrained borrowing is what has landed us into the ditch in which we find ourselves”.

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