July 19, 2024
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AWMA sensitize Journalists in Tamale ahead of district assembly elections

In readiness for the upcoming district assembly elections scheduled for December 19, 2023, the Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA) has embarked on proactive steps to address the rising lack of women representation at the grassroots level of governance.

In tackling this issue, AWMA organized a day-long workshop for journalists in Tamale, focusing on gender-sensitive reporting, and communication skills for women aspirants in the 2023 district level elections and exploring avenues to bring more female politicians into the limelight.

At this workshop, Convener Shamima Muslim voiced her frustration at the low levels of media attention given to the upcoming district assembly elections, particularly in regard to female aspirants.

Madam Muslim attributed this situation to the media’s lack of gender-sensitive reportage. Emphasizing the pivotal role of the media in fostering democracy, she further stressed the importance of gender-sensitive reporting and asserted that true development in the country can only be achieved when women are granted equal opportunities within the governance structure and political framework.

While underscoring the need to avoid stereotypical news stories and encouraged aspiring female politicians to enhance their communication skills.

She urged them to be more available to the media and suggested leveraging technology to engage with the media in instances when in-person engagement may not be feasible.

The Alliance for Women in Media is dedicated to enhancing inclusive participation in local governance, with a key objective of promoting inclusive participation in local governance through media advocacy.

Their ultimate aim is to increase the number of women in district assemblies and unit committees. Additionally, the organization seeks to enhance the skills of journalists in gender-sensitive reporting.

As the district assembly elections draw near, AWMA remains steadfast in its commitment to breaking down barriers that hinder female representation in governance.

Through targeted advocacy and media engagement, the alliance hopes to foster an environment that encourages and supports the active participation of women in local governance structures, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and diverse political landscape.

The project on inclusive participation in local governance by the Alliance for Women in Media Africa is being supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives to carry out its initiatives.

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