June 13, 2024
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Amin Anta is ‘cursed’ with hypocrisy, double-standards ~ General Amin

The Finance Minister and Member of Parliament for the Karaga constituency, Dr Mohammed Amin Anta, has displayed a troubling contradiction in his actions and public statements in recent times, this statement is attributed to a Northern Regional vice chairman of the NDC, Alhassan Abdul-Mumin a.k.a General Amin.

According to him, not so long ago Dr Anta advised President Akufo Addo against signing the anti-LGBT+ bill into law, citing potential financial losses from donor countries, a stance in direct conflict with Islamic teachings, which regard LGBT+ practices as immoral.

Dr Amin Anta a lead campaigner of the NPP flag bearer, Dr Mahamud Bawumia during a campaign engagement with Islamic clerics in Tamale promised to construct an ultra-modern mosque in Tamale to promote Islam in Northern Region. This according to General Amin is an apparent hypocrisy that cannot go unchallenged.

It is disingenuous to claim to uphold and promote Islamic values while simultaneously advocating against measures that align with those same values.

The former NDC Region Communications Offer, further stated that Islamic teachings are explicit and consistent regarding issues of morality, and individuals in positions of leadership and influence have a responsibility to embody and uphold these principles in all aspects of public service. Therefore, he believes that Dr Anta’s ‘contradictory’ actions undermine the integrity of his office and the trust placed in him as a member of parliament.

Mr. Abdul-Mumin admonished the Karaga MP to reconcile his actions with his professed beliefs and to demonstrate a consistent and sincere commitment to the values he claims to represent.

It is imperative that our leaders act with integrity and do not compromise on principles for political gain or financial incentives. The Muslim community and the citizens of Ghana deserve leadership that is both principled and transparent, he concluded.

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