June 13, 2024
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Are China, Russia against raising Ukraine war issue at G20 summit in India too?

Chinese President Xi Jinping departed Moscow on Wednesday (March 22) after his crucial state visit during which he held talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The visit was highly significant amid the ongoing geopolitical tensions as the two nations showed a unified front against the West. 

Putin and Xi called each other “dear friends” and hailed a “new era” in their nations’ ties. The leaders discussed a range of issues of mutual interest and signed a few economic proposals, but there was no apparent breakthrough on ending the war in Ukraine despite Beijing touting it a “visit for peace”. 

Moreover, the joint statement, which was issued after Putin and Xi’s meeting, hints that both nations want to keep the ongoing Ukraine conflict away from the G20 by not raising or mentioning it. The statement issued following meeting of Putin and Jinping indicates the two countries will jointly oppose the raising of the Ukraine crisis at the G20, just as they have done at two key ministerial meetings hosted by India. 

The joint statement stated that Russia and China support the G20 format as an “important forum” for discussing international economic cooperation issues and anti-crisis response measures. 

It also mentioned that they will jointly promote the invigorated spirit of solidarity and cooperation within the G20, and support the leading role of the association in such areas as the international fight against epidemics, world economic recovery, inclusive sustainable development, etc. 

The statement also stated that they stand against attempts by external forces to undermine security and stability in their “common adjacent regions”. 

A message to the US over Taiwan 

In a veiled reference to the West, the statement mentioned that the sides reaffirm their strong mutual support for protection of their core interests, state sovereignty and territorial integrity, and oppose interference by external forces in their internal affairs.

The Russian side reaffirmed its support for the One-China principle, confirming that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and opposes any form of independence of Taiwan. 

Comments on Indo-Pacific 

The joint statement noted that both nations stand against the formation of closed bloc structures and opposing camps in the Asia-Pacific region. It added that they remain highly vigilant about the “negative impact” of the United States Indo-Pacific strategy on peace and stability in the region. 

“Russia and China have made consistent efforts to build an equitable, open and inclusive security system in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) that is not directed against third countries and that promotes peace, stability and prosperity,” the statement added. 

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Source: Wion

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