July 20, 2024
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Beheaded Man Found in Bole; Missing Body Parts Suggest Ritualistic Killing

In a shocking and gruesome discovery at St. Kizito’s Primary School in Bole, Savanna Region, the decapitated body of a middle-aged man was found, raising suspicions of a ritualistic murder. The man, who remains unidentified, was found naked, with his head and genitalia severed.

The body was discovered on the school’s pavement following a search operation conducted by the police and local community members. This incident comes on the heels of a similar occurrence in the town, contributing to a disturbing trend of violent murders over the past three months.

Abu Hassan, the Assemblyman for the Mempeasem Electoral Area, voiced deep concern over the escalating violence, describing the situation in Bole as both serious and alarming. He called for immediate reinforcement from the government and security agencies, stating that the current police presence is inadequate to manage the growing threat.

Hassan speculated that the recent surge in new residents might be linked to these brutal murders, urging for stricter measures to monitor and verify the identities of newcomers to the area. The discovery at the school has heightened fears among residents, prompting urgent calls for enhanced security measures to safeguard the community.

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