July 24, 2024
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BetPawa Announces Strategic Shift in Ghana Premier League Sponsorship Focus

In a significant development, BetPawa, the headline sponsor of the Ghana Premier League, has revealed a notable shift in its sponsorship approach for the Ghanaian top-flight football league. The betting firm communicated this change through an official statement following successful negotiations with the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Under the revised sponsorship arrangement, BetPawa will redirect its focus towards providing direct financial benefits to participating clubs, specifically in the form of locker room bonuses. The company aims to enhance the support it offers to clubs, fostering a more direct and impactful relationship with the teams.

The statement highlights a substantial increase in the Locker Room Bonus, with a remarkable surge of 167%. This translates to a rise from 150 Ghana Cedis ($12.49) to 450 Ghana Cedis ($33.31) at the time of this announcement. BetPawa underlines that this adjustment signifies the fulfillment of the initial phase of the sponsorship agreement inked with the GFA before the commencement of the 2022-2023 Ghana Premier League season.

Read below the official statement from Betpawa

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