June 18, 2024
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Bimbila NPP primaries : Zaruk cleared for vetting following youth violence

The parliamentary aspirant of NPP for Bimbila constituency, Alhaj Ahmed Nuhu Zaruk has called for calm and peace in the Nanumba North area following confusion that ensued in the elimination of his name from the vetting list in the Northern Region as announced by the party yesterday.

His appeal for calm comes after irate youth stormed party office in Bimbila to vandalize properties amid burning of tyres to express their displeasure over attempt to disqualify him from the vetting process.

According to his campaign team, Alhaj Zaruk has been called to partake in the vetting exercise tomorrow.

At a press conference in Tamale by ‘Sokam Zaruk’ , a campaign team belonging to the parliamentary aspirant, called for calm to prevail in Bimbila in the wake of the brouhaha.

Leading member of the campaign team, Alhaj Abukari Umar mentioned that Alhaj Zaruk stands for peace and will not do anything to destabilize the party.

He also noted that Alhaj Zaruk has been assured a fair and transparent process following fruitful discussion held with the general secretary of the NPP, Justin Frimpong Kodua.

“Sokam Zaruk has asked me to call for calm among the youth and people of Bimbila constituency with no destruction of party properties in town. Alhaj Zaruk is for peace and for everyone, that is why we called him Sokam Zaruk. He has spoken to the general secretary of the NPP, Frompong J. Kodua and he has been assured fairness and justice in the process leading to parliamentary primaries”.

Meanwhile Alhaj Abukari also indicated that Alhaj Zaruk has been called for vetting tomorrow at 3:00pm.

“The regional Secretary of the NPP has also called him inviting for vetting tomorrow at 3:00 pm. So please keep calm and relax”.

“I led Alhaj Zaruk to submit his nomination form to the Bimbila constituency executive committee on friday 22nd December 2023.The form was perused and accepted because all signings were done and that was nothing wrong with form according to the committee”.

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