July 24, 2024
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Black Stars supporters in Ivory Coast receive $400 each after threatening to return home

Some supporters of the Black Stars in Ivory Coast, who had previously threatened to return home due to unmet expectations, have each received an amount of $400.

The passionate supporters, who were transported to Ivory Coast by the Government of Ghana to cheer the Black Stars at the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023), on Monday, January 15, expressed their disappointment at the lack of coordination and support from the organizing bodies.

Frustrated by the perceived neglect, the over 300 supporters issued a collective threat to abandon their posts and head back to Ghana.

However, a journalist with the supporters confirmed to Citi Eyewitness News, that officials engaged in negotiations with the disgruntled supporters after they threatened to expose the officials and return to Ghana.

After rounds of discussions, all the disgruntled supporters were paid $400 each to address their concerns.

“There is good news. Yesterday after the story broke, around midnight, in fact, most of us here went to sleep before the officials came and they came to call us and they gave us what we were due.”

Asked if all the supporters received $400, the journalist responded, “I am not aware but what I do know from some of the dwellers [from other hotels] is that they also received $400 as those at the hotel [I am] received.

“For the entire tournament officials were unable to tell us, so we don’t know if this [$400] is going to be for the entire tournament.”

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