June 24, 2024
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Book on Dr Bawumia’s Vice Presidency set to be released

A book examining the persona and contributions of Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, to Ghana’s public and political space is set to be released.

The book titled “Dr Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana” is authored by political communication scholar and analyst, Dr Etse Sikanku.

Dr Sikanku is also the author of the seminal work “The Afrocentric Obama and lessons on political campaigning” which was launched at the University of Iowa (USA) followed by a book reading/talk at Harvard University in 2016.

Sikanku presents a stirring and riveting reflection on the political journey of Dr Bawumia, focusing on his principles, values, conduct and contributions to public discourse.

Despite the significance of the vice presidency, no single book has yet been written on the second-highest political office in Ghana and Dr Bawumia’s tenure.

“Dr Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana” therefore makes a pivotal contribution to drawing attention to the evolutionary status of the vice presidency and Dr Bawumia’s significant role in contributing to the reinvention of the office.

Sikanku offers a deep examination of the persona underlying ethos of the Vice President, emphasizing that he brought a lot of dynamism, energy, humility, empathy and innovation to the position.

 “Considering that the vice presidency in many democracies has been one of limitation, tradition, and symbolism,” Sikanku writes, “Dr Bawumia’s activism, perspicacity and dynamism as Vice President is one that deserves to be documented.

Dr Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana serves as a reader for the public, students of political science, government, communication, and leadership as it draws out and presents institutional, leadership and communication lessons.

The book is set to be released early next year.

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