July 19, 2024
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Cecilia Dapaah files new injunction against OSP; seeks to halt further confiscation of her assets

Former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah has initiated an interlocutory injunction application against the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), aiming to prevent further confiscation of any of her properties until the criminal case against her is resolved.

In the application filed by Madam Dapaah’s legal team, they are seeking an order of interlocutory injunction to restrain the Office of the Special Prosecutor from taking any actions that would adversely affect or prejudice Cecilia Dapaah’s rights, including the right to a fair trial, protection from property deprivation, and the right to administrative justice.

This legal move follows a similar application filed on October 10 by Madam Dapaah, attempting to halt the OSP’s investigation and prosecution of her and her husband, Daniel Osei Kufuor, on charges related to corruption.

In her October suit for a judicial review, the former Minister requested the court to declare the seizure and re-freezing of bank accounts on September 5, 2023, as unfair, unreasonable, capricious, and arbitrary.

Madam Dapaah argues that an injunction is necessary to protect her property and personal rights, emphasizing that damages would be insufficient to compensate her if the application is not granted.

“I am advised by Counsel that I have property and personal rights that need to be protected by this Honourable Court and that an order of injunction should be granted against the Respondent to prohibit and restrain him from further violating my rights until the determination of this matter.

“I am advised by Counsel that damages will be inadequate to compensate me if this application for an injunction is not granted and judgment is subsequently entered in the Applicant’s favour.”

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