June 21, 2024
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Chief arrested in possession of illegal firearm

The Northern Regional Police Command has arrested a chief for illegal possession and brandishing of firearms.

The Chief was arrested at the Amabriya Senior High School, Tamale in possession of an M16 assault rifle with six fully loaded magazines.

This incident has raised concerns regarding the prevalence of illegal weapons in the region and the potential implications for overall security.

Civil Society Organisations in the area have often linked this unfettered proliferation of illegal firearms in the north to the frequent violent clashes leading to loss of lives and property.

While there have been efforts by the Ghana Small Arms Commission to curb the illegal arms trade and address the menace of gun violence in the area, their efforts have proved futile.

Law enforcement agencies consistently discover various weapons and ammunition concealed in vehicles and at residencies throughout the region.

The Regional Police Command says the detained chief is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, facing charges related to the possession of the weapon.

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