June 13, 2024
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Chiefs kick against candidate with alleged criminal record contesting unit committee elections

The Chiefs and Elders of Mangoase community have raised concerns about the candidacy of Mr. Akonnor Asamani in the upcoming unit committee election in the Mangoase Electoral Area.

In an official letter addressed to the Electoral Commissioner of the Asuogyaman District in Eastern Region, the community leaders led by Odikro Sanaaba Kwafo IV expressed apprehensions regarding Asamani’s eligibility due to a documented history of criminal convictions.

The letter highlighted the community’s belief in the necessity of a thorough evaluation of candidates, particularly those with criminal records, before participating in the democratic process.

The Chiefs, representing the Mangoase community, urged the Electoral Commission to conduct a comprehensive investigation into Mr. Akonnor Asamani’s eligibility, emphasizing the importance of determining whether his past criminal activities disqualify him from holding public office, as per relevant laws and regulations.

The Chiefs in the letter, expressed confidence in the diligence of the Electoral Commission to uphold the integrity of democratic processes.

The community leaders underscored the significance of the Electoral Commission’s prompt attention to the matter to maintain public trust and ensure a fair and transparent electoral system.

This development adds a layer of complexity to the upcoming unit committee election, bringing the candidate’s eligibility into question however the Electoral Commission has not acted.

The community leaders, including Mr. Bismark Asante (Sompahene) and Mr. Kwame Darko (Sripi), emphasized the importance of addressing such concerns promptly for the sake of a credible electoral process.

According to them, they will not work with the unit committee member should he win.

The District Level Elections (DLEs) are slated to occur today, December 19, featuring 66,257 candidates competing for assembly and unit committee positions.

This fierce competition spans 6,215 electoral areas across 216 metropolitan, municipal, and district assemblies (MMDAs).

Hon. Dan Botwe, the Minister for Local Government Decentralization and Rural Development, has called on citizens to actively participate in these critical elections.

Minister Dan Botwe expressed concern over the decline in voter turnout since the inception of district-level elections in 1998 and set a target of achieving a minimum 50% voter turnout for this year’s elections.

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