July 25, 2024
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Church of Pentecost Deacon freed after kidnapping in South Africa

Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Charles Owiredu, has announced the safe release of the Church of Pentecost Deacon who was kidnapped in Johannesburg.

The news of the deacon’s freedom brings relief to the Ghanaian community in South Africa and concerned individuals.

This positive development was shared by Mr Owiredu in a Twitter post on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

“The Church of Pentecost Deacon/Elder was freed last night. He is with his family now,” he said.

The incident dates back to October 29, 2023, when some Ghanaians residing in South Africa were gripped with fear following a shocking robbery and kidnapping at the Johannesburg branch of the Church of Pentecost.

Videos of the distressing event had surfaced on social media, sparking widespread concern and condemnation.

The captured footage portrayed the perpetrators, led by a well-built man in dark clothing, brandishing firearms and subjecting the preacher and church members to threats at gunpoint. During the ordeal, the victims were forced to relinquish various personal belongings to the assailants.

The incident prompted swift action from the Ghana High Commission in South Africa, which officially confirmed the robbery and subsequent abduction.

The safety and well-being of the deacon were of paramount concern, and the High Commission collaborated with local authorities and the Church of Pentecost to ensure a swift resolution.

The news of the deacon’s release has brought a sense of relief to the Ghanaian community and others who had been closely following the case.

Charles Owiredu’s Twitter announcement reassured the public that the deacon is now reunited with his family, marking a positive outcome to a distressing situation.

This incident has highlighted the importance of cooperation between government authorities and community organizations in addressing security concerns and ensuring the safety of individuals in the Ghanaian diaspora.

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