June 21, 2024
P.O.Box 613ER Gombilla House, Lamashegu Market, Tamale, Northern Region

Coalition holds townhall meeting & demonstration in Tamale to demand constitutional reforms

A Coalition of Citizens Groups seeking constitutional reforms in Ghana has set January 7, 2023 for an intended mammoth demonstration aimed at drumming home the immediate need for reforms of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution. The members of the coalition include; Fix the Country, Activisa Ghana, Northern Regional Youth Network and Progressive Force of Northern Ghana. As part of activities leading up the demonstration, the coalition will hold town hall meeting on December 2, 2022 at the Centre for National Culture at 8am. According to the organisers, the protest is aimed at building a broader coalition to advance the course of Constitutional reforms in Ghana.

In recent years, Many Ghanaians have called for Constitutional reforms to reflect on the aspirations of modern Ghanaian Citizens and to fix apparent flows in the current constitution. The calls have been directed at both past and present governments but such important calls are yet to yield positive results.

In view of this, the National Coalition for Constitutional Reforms has been decentralizing its activities to enable full participation of citizens of the grassroots level. Civil protests have been organized in Greater Accra, Western and Ashanti regions.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the date for the “Tamale together for Constitutional reforms” demonstration in Tamale, Oliver Barker Vamowor, convener of Fix The Country, told journalists in Tamale that the coalition has on Thursday December 1, 2022 met with the Northern Regional Police Command to notify them of the January 7, 2023 demonstration per the Public Order Act. “Earlier this morning we met with the Northern Police Command to notify them in accordance with the public order act, according to the law when any individual or group of individuals want to hold a demonstration they are required to inform the Police of the event we have come together to organize on January 7, 2023” he stressed.

He said the objective of the Coalition is to push for Changes that will improve the country democracy.  He called on residents of Tamale to turn up the for the town hall meeting  stressing that participating in the town hall is critical to enhancing quality governance in the country.

Story by Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan

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