June 24, 2024
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Indiscriminate arrests of innocent citizens must cease ~ Concerned Citizens of Wenchiki

Some Concerned Citizens of Wenchiki have expressed disquiet over what they describe as “indiscriminate and arbitrary” arrests of innocent residents of Wenchiki at the instigation of members of the Jaabu clan.

According to them it appears the security agencies in the district and region are at the beck and call of the Jaabu clan, hence, dancing to their tune at all times.

These arrests they say, were carried out after a press release by a group calling itself concerned members of a Jaabu clan domiciled in Wenchiki demanding justice. It is therefore their belief that all well-meaning citizens of Wenchki also seek justice, including citizens of Sakou who are still suffering from an “unfortunate yet unprovoked dastardly acts” of vandalism visited on them by members of the Jaabu clan and their associates.

The impartiality exhibited in this instance sets a tone for the worst.

According to a statement signed and copied to radiotamaleonline.com, Secretary Concerned Citizens of Wenchiki, Al-Fazazi Majeed lamented that, rather than show remorse and taking steps to ameliorate the untold hardship visited on innocent citizens of Sakou and apologise unreservedly for instigating the unfortunate attack on the palace of the paramount chief of Wenchiki traditional area, they have sought to inflame passions at the least opportunity.

One would have taught that they would use this opportunity to douse flames that they themselves had ignited, yet as ingrained in their DNA, they have chosen to cast insinuations amidst making provocative statements. What they have done is akin to an Akan adage which cautions naughty kids not to “de-feather a bird and seek to trick elders into naming it”. Enough of their trickery and debauchery. They do all these because of the tacit support they receive from the powers that be, the statement said.

We members of the concerned citizens of Wenchiki take exception to the apparent distortion of facts in their press-release, by capitalising on an indiscretion of one of its members who inadvertently sought to sell a mobile phone he had picked whilst returning from his farm. We acknowledge this indiscretion on his part, but reject any attempt to link him and any other citizen of Wenchiki to the killings. Any such attempt is quite disingenuous and tantamount to holding on to straw after their evil intentions and machinations to undermine our chief failed, leading to the death of four persons, the statement continued.


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