June 14, 2024
P.O.Box 613ER Gombilla House, Lamashegu Market, Tamale, Northern Region

Construction Ambassadors relocate 300 flood victims in North Tongu to new homes

Over 300 flood victims in North Tongu, previously seeking refuge at St Kizito Senior High School, have been successfully moved to newly constructed housing units funded by the Construction Ambassadors.

Responding to the devastating floods that left families homeless, the philanthropic organisation collaborated with local authorities for a swift and impactful initiative.

The housing units, a testament to community resilience, were constructed through the combined efforts of the local government and non-governmental organisations.

Designed to provide a secure and dignified environment, these units are equipped with essential amenities, allowing displaced families to rebuild their lives.

Construction Ambassadors’ founder and CEO, Geourge Geel Kutortse, expressed gratitude for the collective effort, stating, “The housing units are a small step in the long road to recovery, but we hope they provide comfort and stability to those who have lost so much.”

Local authorities and relief agencies actively coordinated the relocation, ensuring a smooth transition for the flood victims. The move represents a positive turning point for affected families, offering them an opportunity to rebuild and recover from the recent natural disaster.

Geourge Geel Kutortse assured residents of the Construction Ambassadors’ commitment to ongoing support and assistance whenever called upon.

Community members, including volunteers and organisations, played a vital role in supporting their neighbors during this challenging period, assisting with transportation and donating essential supplies.

Residents currently housed in the new units express gratitude to the Construction Ambassadors for their timely aid, enabling over 800 students of St Kizito Senior High School to fully resume classes.

As North Tongu rebuilds after the devastating floods, the newly constructed housing units serve as a symbol of hope and solidarity.

The collaborative efforts between the government, NGOs, and the community highlight the resilience and strength of the people in overcoming adversity, marking a significant milestone in the recovery process.

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