June 22, 2024
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Contractor’s river diversion causes havoc on Accra-Winneba highway at Okyereko

The main Accra-Winneba highway has suffered a major distraction, significantly disrupting vehicular traffic flow, following the diversion of the Ayensu River by a contractor working on the Kasoa-Cape Coast Highway. 

This unexpected development has left commuters stranded, facing considerable challenges due to the creation of a large gulley across the main highway by strong floodwaters from the diverted river.

The incident has prompted calls from frustrated commuters for urgent measures to restore the damaged road and for sanctions to be imposed on the contractor responsible for the diversion.

The disruption caused by the collapsed highway has had a notable impact on daily travel, highlighting the critical need for swift action to rectify the situation.

Moreover, the diversion of the Ayensu River has led to flooding in over 150 houses at Gomoa Mampong, adding to the widespread ramifications of the contractor’s actions.

The diversion has particularly affected a bridge spanning the River Ayensu, which originates from the Eastern Region and intersects the Accra-Cape Coast Highway at Gomoa Okyereko in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region before flowing into the sea.

The Gomoa East District Director for the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Robert Hackman, stressed the necessity for commuters to utilise alternative routes at Winneba while restoration efforts are underway.

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