July 20, 2024
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Court to rule today on whether to admit Jakpa’s tape into evidence or not

Today, Thursday, June 13, the High Court in Accra is set to decide whether to admit an audio recording involving the Attorney-General and businessman Richard Jakpa as evidence in the ongoing ambulance case.

The controversy arose when lawyers representing Minority Leader Dr Cassiel Ato Forson attempted to introduce the audio recording into evidence. The Attorney General objected to this move, challenging the foundation and relevance of the recording.

The audio recording, previously admitted and pivotal in the trial judge’s decision regarding a mistrial on June 6, 2024, is now being tendered again by defense lawyers. They argue that it forms a crucial basis for the charges of causing financial loss to the state against the Attorney General.

Lead counsel for Dr Cassiel Ato Forson, Dr Aziz Bamba, emphasised that the 16-minute recording borders on the agreement between the Ghanaian government and a Letter of Credit issued thereafter. 

Dr Bamba asserted that the Attorney General’s conduct in the recording amounts to oppression of the accused, suggesting it undermines the integrity of the trial process.

He contended that the audio recording is pertinent as it indicates the case was not pursued in good faith, alleging procedural irregularities in the Attorney General’s handling of the matter.

In response, the Attorney General argued against the admission of the audio recording, asserting that its relevance is insufficiently supported. 

The AG cited the trial judge’s previous dismissal of the mistrial application, which was primarily based on the recording, as evidence of its limited relevance to the case.

Furthermore, the AG questioned whether the recording addresses the essential elements of the alleged financial loss to the state, arguing that it does not substantiate the charges leveled against the accused.

The prosecution echoed these sentiments, additionally accusing Richard Jakpa of violating the Attorney General’s right to privacy by recording their conversation.

The court is expected to rule on the Attorney General’s objection, following which the trial will resume to determine the next steps in this closely watched legal proceeding.

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