July 19, 2024
P.O.Box 613ER Gombilla House, Lamashegu Market, Tamale, Northern Region

Dagbon must rise up ~ Hardi Pagazaa

DAYA, DAGBON TRADITIONAL COUNCIL, DAGBON CAUCUS IN PARLIAMENT must speak and take action on today’s physical assault by a military officer at the Gbewaa palace.

This is the forth time. First, at the Gbewaa palace (by police), second at Lamashegu palace (By police), third at Sakpaba palace (By soldiers) and today at the Gbewaa palace (By a soldier).

These are insults at the highest level not to Ndan Yaa Naa, but the entirety of Dagbon more especially to our elites and leaders. We must not sit unconcern.

Decisive disciplinary actions must be taken. The attempts to apologize MUST be rejected. Enough of the disrespectful conducts of some of the security.

The background of all those involved must be unraveled to ascertain as to whether or not, it is a coincidence or deliberate provocation.

How will the military go to steal common fire wood at Sakpaba and when confronted by the community, the soldiers got angry and started beating anybody on sight.

Are the military now trained to steal ?. Why won’t armed robbers rob and kill people in broad daylight. Shame on these uncultured soldiers.

Hardi Pagazaa

A proud son of Dagbon.

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