June 14, 2024
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Dagbon Saani reveals why he became a drug addict

Dagbon Saani reveals why he became a drug addict

Dagbon Saani for the first time has opened up on what led him to becoming a drug addict.

Saani is one of the known rappers recognized by contemporary music enthusiasts in the north.

The rapper who had a a sterling career at his prime days was signed onto ‘Half A Loaf’ record label, relocated to the nation capital.

While in Accra and with the label he released tracks such as ‘Time, Holding On’ amount others.

Right after leaving the record label reasons still not known to date.

Financially, music Wise, things went sour for the rapper who had to come back to Tamale to pick up from where he left.

While speaking on Dinchana show with G. Face, Saani narrated that it was as a result of these difficulties that forced him into taking hard drugs.

The rapper also stated that he was at a point investors feared he had already made it and his expenses were too high.

The Reality hit crooner added, he faced a peer pressure in his life at that time, further pushed him into doing drugs and smoking as well to help him manage the depression.

Saani announce on his Facebook account some time ago that he is back from rehabilitation center and ready to do music again.

The rapper hint of an EP titled ‘Back From Rehab’, an EP that is set to explain and educate people about his experienced with substance abuse and how dealt with it.

Bukari Ayuba || radiotamaleonline

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