June 24, 2024
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Dan Botwe projects 50% voter turnout in district level elections

The Minister for Local Government Decentralization and Rural Development, Dan Botwe, has called on citizens to actively participate in the upcoming district-level elections.

Over 66,000 individuals are competing for assembly and unit committee positions in the upcoming District Level Elections (DLEs) scheduled for December 19.

Electoral Commission (EC) statistics reveal 18,755 assembly member candidates and 47,502 unit committee member candidates, totaling 66,257 candidates.

The electoral battleground spans 6,215 electoral areas across 216 metropolitan, municipal, and district assemblies (MMDAs).

Of the assembly member candidates, 6,215 will secure positions in accordance with section 5(1)(b) of the Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462), serving the 216 MMDAs.

Unit committee member elections will see 31,075 out of the 47,502 candidates elected, with each electoral area appointing five-unit committee members as stipulated by the electoral process.

Speaking at the climax of the Odwira festival in Adukrom -Akuapem on Saturday,the Local Government Minister Hon.Dan Botwe expressed concern over declining voter turnout since the inception of district-level elections in 1988.

He stated that 1988 district level election was the most participated with 56% turned out followed by 1998 which also recorded 42% but continue to decline with the last election recording 33% .

He contrasted the relatively low turnout in district elections with the higher participation observed in Presidential and Parliamentary elections around 70%.

Dan Botwe emphasized the pivotal role of these elections, stating, “District-level elections are the bedrock of our democracy” therefore urged massive turn out in the upcoming election.

The minister set a target of achieving a minimum 50% voter turnout in this year’s district level elections in Ghana.

“Our objective this year is to record at least 50% voter turn out.This week I have been talking a lot and granting a lot of interviews concerning the elections and people will be asking questions and expecting what will happen in the Minister in charge own backyard , Okere we have 21 electoral areas so Nananom I will plead with you to ensure that people turn out to vote ” The minister said.

The Adukrom Odwira festival, themed “Health For All For Sustainable Development,” served as a platform for the Chief of Okuapem-Adukrom, Osuodumgya Otutu Ababio (V), to commend the government’s responsiveness to community needs.

The Chief praised Hon. Dan Botwe for developmental initiatives in health, education, road infrastructure, and the recent commissioning of an astro turf for sports

Osuodumgya Otutu Ababio (V) underscored the importance of proper waste management and maintaining a clean environment to prevent diseases such as Cholera and Diarrhea.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Okere, Hon. Daniel Kenneth, highlighted the district’s achievements under the current government’s leadership.

He announced plans for a establishment of a factory in the Beposo community under one district one factory initiative aim to position Okere as a burgeoning industrial hub.

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