July 12, 2024
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Defamation lawsuit filed by Felicia Tettey against Atta Issah’s team and Radio Tamale

Tamale, 11 July 2024 – A legal battle has erupted in the Circuit Court’s Gender-Based Violence division in Tamale, with prominent local figures embroiled in a defamation case.

The Plaintiff, Felicia Tettey has initiated the legal proceedings against Murijana Abdallah, Alhassan D. Baba, and Radio Tamale, represented in the suit.

Madam Tettey, a Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the upcoming elections for the Sagnarigu Constituency, has accused the first defendant of defamatory statements that have severely tarnished her reputation.

Felicia Tettey’s complaint details a series of incidents, primarily stemming from a live radio broadcast on July 6, 2024.

During this broadcast, Murijana allegedly made derogatory comments, claiming that “Felicia Tettey incited young men to commit crimes and misused funds from the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly”. Madam Felicia in her writ claimed these statements were reproduced and disseminated by Alhassan D. Baba on Radio Tamale’s platform.

The plaintiff also asserts that these statements have not only damaged her public image but also brought her character and integrity into disrepute.

She’s however seeking several remedies from the court, including a declaration that the statements are defamatory, a public retraction, and an unqualified apology broadcasted on the same media channels used to spread the initial statements. She is further demanding GH₵300,000 in damages for the harm caused to her reputation.

Felicia Tettey is known for her dedication and hard work, which have earned her a respected status within the community. She is also the proprietor of the popular restaurant “Tacorubama.” Her commitment to the community and business acumen has made her a notable figure in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Murijana Abdallah, a supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Parliamentary Candidate for Sagnarigu, along with Alhassan D. Baba, a Radio Tamale host, have yet to publicly respond to the allegations. Radio Tamale, which operates on 91.7 FM, is also named in the suit for providing the platform on which the defamatory statements were broadcasted.

Court Proceedings

The writ of summons issued commands the defendants to appear in court within eight days of service to respond to the charges. Failure to comply may result in a judgment by default in favor of the plaintiff.

The outcome of this case could have significant implications not only for the individuals involved but also for media practices and political discourse in the region. As the court prepares to hear the case, the public eagerly awaits the proceedings that will determine the veracity of the claims and the consequences for those found guilty of defamation.

Story By: Robicon Mornahson

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