July 20, 2024
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How Dr Napo’s Controversial Statement Highlights Broader Concerns About Leadership Within NPP

The recent remark ‘Not even that your Nkrumah’ by Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, known as Napo, has sparked widespread outrage, particularly among those who hold Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his legacy in high esteem.

The CPP, a party founded by Nkrumah himself, has issued a press release in response, reflecting the deep-seated sentiment among many Ghanaians.

It comes as no surprise to see such a statement from Napo, who is often perceived as arrogant and unyielding. Not even the respectful and conciliatory remarks of esteemed figures like His Royal Majesty, the Asantehene, seem to temper his demeanour. It’s often said that no matter how adorned a monkey is, it remains a monkey.

Napo appears oblivious to the fact that he now seeks the votes of all Ghanaians, not just his constituents. His inward-looking attitude reflects a disconnect with broader national sentiments, a critical flaw in a public figure.

The NPP’s hopes of salvaging their position by pairing a habitual liar with an arrogant and inward-looking dentist appear increasingly futile.

Critics like Dr. Amoako Baah, a political science lecturer and former NPP national chairman aspirant, have pointed out that Napo’s arrogance only confirms existing perceptions about him. His partnership with others within the NPP, viewed by some as lacking integrity and empathy, further complicates their electoral prospects.

Beyond political rhetoric, the Nana Addo/Bawumia administration’s legacy may well be defined by issues such as corruption, nepotism, and economic mismanagement. These are areas where they have been criticized for underperformance, overshadowing any positive achievements they might claim.

In summary, Napo’s statement not only underscores his persona but also highlights broader concerns about leadership within the NPP. As the political landscape evolves, their ability to address these criticisms will be crucial in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes.

OPINION: Iddrisu Hardi Pagazaa, Former Deputy Northern Regional Communication officer

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