June 14, 2024
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Effective January 22, commercial transport fares to go up by 30%

Commercial Transport Operators in Ghana have declared a 30 per cent increase in transportation fares nationwide, starting from Monday, January 22.

The operators justified this decision, citing significant increases in the costs of lubricants, spare parts, and DVLA service charges.

In an official statement, the operators stressed the escalating expenses in the public transportation sector, posing challenges to sustaining their operational activities.

“The continuous surge in lubricant prices, driven by fluctuations in global oil markets, has resulted in a considerable burden on drivers who rely heavily on oil to keep our vehicles running efficiently,” the drivers said in a statement.

Moreover, they highlighted the rising expenses for spare parts, specifically for maintenance and repairs, which have significantly hampered their capacity to maintain their vehicles in top-notch condition.

This situation has led to diminished operational efficiency and increased periods of vehicle downtime, negatively affecting both drivers and the general commuting public.

Acknowledging the detrimental impacts of these challenges, the Transport Operators Association revealed that they have conducted comprehensive consultations with various stakeholders, including relevant state agencies and other transport associations.

The objective behind proposing a fare increase, they stated, is to alleviate the financial difficulties faced by drivers and secure the sustainability of Ghana’s public transportation industry.

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