July 19, 2024
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Electricity and water tariffs go up today

The cost of electricity is up by 5.8 percent and water by 5.1 percent this morning following a tariff adjustment approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission for residential use.

The PURC attributed the increment to several factors including the cedi depreciation, inflation, cost of fuel, and electricity generation mix.

In its May 31 statement, PURC noted that tariffs for lifeline consumers will see a 3.45% increase.

“…there will be 3.45% increase in electricity tariffs for lifeline consumers (0-30kWh); 5.84% increase for all other residential consumers who are not part of the lifeline category bracket (31 kWh and above) as well as the non-residential category,” the PURC said.

However the industrial category “will experience an increase in electricity tariffs of 4.92%.”

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