July 13, 2024
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Electricity supply to be affected anytime soon ~ Energy Minister

The Minister for Energy, Dr. Mathew Opuku Prempeh has raised concerns about an imminent impact on electricity supply due to a shortage of gas for production.

According to him, the issue is a result of excessive dependence on gas plants, which differs from the past reliance on liquid fuel to support energy generation.

Dr Prempeh explained that the country is currently grappling with a double predicament, where a complete shift towards a gas-based system has left the power infrastructure vulnerable, and any interruption in the gas supply will lead to a shutdown of all power-generating systems, resulting in a complete blackout across the country.

“So that is why if people see lights out when they go out now, it is more extensive than previously because previously the liquid fuels were in the various thermal plants scattered around,” he noted.

The Energy Minister emphasised that the current situation poses a significant challenge as all power systems are now interconnected through a single pipeline supplying gas, unlike in the past when various thermal plants were dispersed and fueled by liquid fuels.

“So it goes through the tubes that go around. So when you have a major cut at one end, the devastation is horrendous and we don’t have enough gas for our generation as we speak, we don’t have enough gas,” he stressed.

According to him, this problem is worsened by the country’s insufficient gas reserves, which is compounded by the reliance on the West African Gas Pipeline.

He explained that any delays or defaults in payment to the pipeline restrict the country’s access to gas, further worsening the power challenges.

“So as we speak, this is a major challenge for us that from the West we have gas that we cannot put in because West African Gas Pipeline Company is not allowing us, it’s restricting us and that’s why sometimes we find that there are challenges with power networks,” Dr Prempeh stressed.

Dr. Opoku Prempeh underscored the government’s efforts in managing the country’s power situation.

Despite the challenges, he urged Ghanaians to use energy-efficient devices to conserve power, acknowledging the hardships faced during previous years of inadequate electricity supply.

The Minister expressed a desire for consistent and accessible electricity but urged people to be mindful of their energy consumption to prevent wastage.

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