May 27, 2024
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Emma Raducanu produced a lacklustre effort to get beaten by a red-hot Caroline Garcia at Wimbledon 6-3 6-3.

The French player was once a really great player but failed to live up to her potential in the past years. She rediscovered some magic on grass this year winning the trophy in Bad Homburg a couple of days ago. She followed that up with some great performances at Wimbledon including today against Raudcanu. The plan was clear, attack and attack early.

it worked rather well because Raducanu was not able to handle all that pressure. Her backhand gave her a lot of trouble all match long and she was not well prepared for Garcia and her volleying. The French player emphasized keeping points short and rushing to the net whenever she got a chance. It worked like a charm, especially in the opening set.

It was not a terrible effort from Raducanu but rather a better player at the moment taking control of the match early and never letting go. The first set was a 6-3 affair and the 2nd set was also a 6-3 affair. Raudcanu showed some glimpses of good form at moments but was simply beaten by a player who is on a very strong winning streak.


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