June 24, 2024
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Empowering Student Athletes: Schools, Clubs Unite For Effective Supervision And Career Development”

During a dialogue meeting hosted by the Plan B Club on the theme of “Effective Supervision and Monitoring of Student Athletes: The Role of Schools and Football Clubs,” Alhaji Alhassan M. Saani, Assistant Head of Business senior high school, urged school authorities to demonstrate genuine care for student athletes and prioritize their interests.

He emphasized the need for schools to actively monitor and support athletes at all levels.

Alhaji Saani further advised young emerging talents to stay focused on their craft and avoid engaging in activities that could hinder their progress.

He stressed the pivotal role of effective monitoring by schools in shaping the future of athletes.

Assistant Headmaster of Vittin Senior High School, Amidu Sualisu Jabakatie suggested implementing flexible schedules accommodating students with diverse needs.

This approach aims to encourage more athletes to pursue education through the school system, positioning them for opportunities beyond their footballing careers and providing alternative livelihoods for those who may not reach the professional level.

Assistant Headmistress Domestic at the Northern School of Business, Mrs. Lydia Abalansah, proposed organizing mentorship and leadership workshops for student athletes to positively influence their futures.

She urged parents to actively participate in the development of their athlete wards, maintaining constant communication with schools and clubs to monitor and support their professional growth.

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