June 21, 2024
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Establish Auditor General’s office in every district to fight corruption ~ Minority

The Minority in Parliament is urging the government to consider establishing an office for the Auditor General in all Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies across the country to aid in the fight against corruption.

The Caucus reveals that the Auditor General is currently operating in 63 district assemblies, with 30 of the offices being rented.

During a debate on the approval of a GH¢633 million budget for the Audit Service for the year 2024, the First Deputy Minority Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, argued that the activities of the Audit Service must be enhanced to tackle corruption.

He emphasized that having an office of the Auditor General in every district would significantly deter and discourage people from engaging in corrupt practices.

“We must make sure that we assist the Auditor General to have his presence in all the 261 assemblies and the District Chief Executive and the assembly members must provide office accommodation for the Auditor General because his presence there can scare people from being corrupt.”

“We must not be interested in building anti-corruption institutions only in Accra. We need their presence in every district; other than that, we will keep on thinking that we are fighting corruption, and before we realize, corruption would have fought us.”

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