June 13, 2024
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FactSpace West Africa Begins 3-Day Training For Journalists In Bolgatanga

FactSpace West Africa, an independent, non-partisan organisation working in collaboration with USAID to tackle misinformation and propaganda has embarked on a three-day Journalism Innovation Project for media practitioners across the five (5) regions in the North to facilitate the telling of credible and dignified stories about the North.

The organisation which was founded in 2019, has been working to tackle misinformation through fact-checking and in the area of media and disinformation or disinformation literacy training.

FactSpace Africa has conducted several research to understand the ecosystem of misinformation in the sub-region and is also committed to building digital tools to fight mis and disinformation.

The Journalism Innovation Project launched its flagship fact-checking initiative in Ghana and similar projects in Nigeria, The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

FactSpace in the year 2020 set up the Ghana Fact-checking Network to bring together more than 100 journalists across over 30 media organisations to tackle election misinformation. And as part of the efforts to consolidate the network, USAID is supporting FactSpace to train journalists across the various regions of the North and media partners to set up fact-checking desks in their newsrooms.

At the opening ceremony of the workshop in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region, Board member for FactSpace West Africa, Dr. Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed, highlighting the aim of the project, says the organisation is working to directly support partner newsrooms to effectively identify mis and disinformation, produce fact-checks and cross publish the verified information on social and traditional media.

Beyond our work during crucial periods such as national elections, we have created the conditions to emplower citizens to be critical about the information they consume and to look out for markers of misinformationin the media landscape.

We have created a welcoming environment for citizens to directly repat stories to be veried by our team. Dr. Wunpini said.

According to Dr. Wunpini, there is the hope of strengthening the partnership and collaborative relationship with USAID to enable the continuous running of important work of telling credible and dignified stories about the underdog in society.

Source: radiotamaleonline.com

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