June 24, 2024
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Felicia Tetteh keeps faith with Sagnarigu people despite her defeat at the 2020 polls

An American author Carrol Bryant once posited that “I don’t like to give up on people when they need someone not to give up on them.” 

This would be the same words motivating the 2020 Parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sagnarigu constituency, Madam Felicia Tetteh.

Madam Felicia Tetteh after losing her bid to represent the people of Sagnarigu in parliament has not abandoned the people of the constituency. Scarcely will a week pass by without Madam Felicia Tetteh appearing in social gathering in the constituency. She has attended all social gatherings including weddings, naming ceremonies, passing-out ceremonies and funerals among others in the constituency.

Even though sometimes her busy schedules take her out of Tamale, she always find the need to assign her people honour such events on her behalf. One would have thought after somehow narrowly losing the 2020 Parliamentary election, she would have abandoned the people but Madam Felicia Tetteh has consistently kept touch with the people of Sagnarigu.

Speaking in an interview with radiotamaleonline.com, Madam Felicia Tetteh said youth and women empowerment is so dear to her heart, justifying her continuous support of the youth and women in the constituency. She noted poverty was one of the critical developmental challenges affecting the people, stressing that empowering the youth and women with income generating and livelihood enhancing initiatives was one of the surest ways of alleviating poverty.

She has thus in the last two years after the 2020 general elections supported several youth groups with tricycles to enable engage income generating activities. She has been donating sewing machines to young women who have completed apprenticeship and need support to start up their own shops.

She also recently during the World Cup in Qatar donated Television sets to some youth groups in the Sagnarigu constituency to enable them watch the world.

She emphasized that the welfare of the people of Sagnarigu was paramount to her adding that she was going to keep supporting the people of Sagnarigu in whichever capacity that she could.

“The people of Sagnarigu demonstrated that they indeed love me. So when you have people who love you, it is important that you also love them back. That’s why I will keep supporting them. Poverty is rife in the area so if we keep supporting them with livelihood ventures, we will at the end reduce the incidences of poverty in the constituency” she noted.

She stressed that the support she is proving for the people covers artisans, seamstresses, weavers, students, women groups among others in the constituency.

Some beneficiaries who spoke to radiotamaleonline.com poured encomiums on Madam Felicia Tetteh for her enormous support over the years. They said she has kept faith with them owing to the numerous support she extended to them.

“She supported us when we were doing our passing-out with sewing machines. And we were very happy about that. You know if she was like someone else she would have abandoned the people after she lost the election but she has been supporting us. I have heard so many of such stories from people about the help she is rendering to people. She is a noble politician. I am praying for her to win the next election and change the narrative in the constituency” Ayishetu Fataw , a beneficiary told this portal.

Story by Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan/radiotamaleonline.com

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