June 23, 2024
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Fish prices likely to go up – Minority warns

The Minority Spokesperson on Food and Agriculture, Eric Opoku is warning of a possible hike in the cost of fish due to the high cost of premix fuel.

According to him, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture did not receive the litres of premix fuel needed to adequately cater for an all-around fishing, forcing fishermen to purchase fuel directly from the market at exorbitant prices which has contributed to the increasing cost of fish in the market.

Contributing to a debate on the approval of the budget for the Fisheries ministry, he said “In 2023, the premix secretariat targeted the supply of 107 million litres of premix fuel. Unfortunately, as of the end of September, the secretariat is reporting that only 25 million litres have been discharged.

“Out of 107 million, within the same period last year, the ministry was able to do 39 million. So, you see that this year, the fishers are not getting premix fuel. The only explanation the ministry gave was that suppliers are unwilling to supply the premix because of the forex losses. The vulnerability in the exchange rate leading to forex losses as a result of which our farmers are not getting the premix fuel.”

The Asunafo South MP added that the lack of premix fuel for fishing has contributed to the food inflation.

He explained that if this was not checked, it would impact the price of fish, especially during the yuletide when demand for the protein would be high.

“The price of fish is likely to go up during the festivities because the demand will rise,” he hinted.

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