June 14, 2024
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#FixTheCountry: Thousands demonstrate in Tamale over constitutional reforms

Activities on some principal streets of Tamale came to a standstill on January 7th 2023 as a mammoth crowd turned up for the Tamale demonstration demanding sweeping reforms in Ghana’s 1992 constitution. The Tamale demonstration was organized by #FixTheCountry Movement, a non-partisan and non-political civic movement in collaboration with Activisa Ghana, Northern regional Youth Network, Democracy Hub and Progressive Forces of Northern Ghana.

#Fixthecountry convener and the leadership of the demonstrators

The group’s demonstration was to demand a total overhaul of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution of Ghana which saw over 100,000 people turning up according to the organisers.

The demonstrators held placards with inscriptions which  some of them read “we need an independent judiciary”, “new constitution for new Generation”, “poverty is violence,” “Just resign to save our democracy,” “justice for Ejura” ,”we deserve better” among others walked through some principal streets of Tamale amidst drumming and dancing.

Mr. Oliver Barker Vamowor, convener of FixTheCountry, appealed to Ghanaians to intensify civic efforts in order to put pressure on the government to begin processes of reforming the constitution. He said Ghana’s in its current form is basis for the country’s numerous problems, stressing the need for political parties in the northern region to use their party offices to demand for a new constitution.

Alhassan Sayibu, a Protester who held a placard with an inscriptions, “new constitution for new generation”, said Ghanaian leaders do not consider the under privilege when taking decisions. He noted that the constitution has given leaders too much power that has caused unemployment among the youth.

One of the protesters with a placard inscription “we need an independent judiciary”, added that the Supreme Court judges always pass their judgment based on political colours and that was not helping the country to develop because when cases are filed in the court they rightful owner may not be favoured.

Story by Abukari Baba Alhassan/radiotamaleonline.com

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