June 23, 2024
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Flood Fighters Movement educate pupils of Baba Yara Basic Schools on ways to curb flooding

Pupils of Baba Yara Basic Schools in Madina have been educated on flooding and its negative impact on the environment by Flood Fighters Movements (FFM), a social movement organization.

They were told about the perennial flooding in the country particularly in the capitals and the destruction it has caused to lives and properties.

In an educational session held at the school on Friday June 30, the team encouraged the pupils to join the campaign and also help contribute to the prevention of flooding in their various communities.

They were advised to avoid flood-prone areas during rainy days to avoid drowning.

The team held an interactive session where the pupils share their knowledge about the causes of flooding and ways they can contribute to curb the menace.

It was at this period the team educated them about the business side of picking plastics and selling them to companies or agents who buy them for reuse.

Instead of allowing plastics to choke the gutters and cause flooding, they were told they can gather them and sell to make some monies to purchase items for their school.

“As students you can decide to collaborate with your teachers, you know people buy plastics and reuse right? Yes, so that’s another way of you making money for the school. You said you need rakes, you need dust bins, you need shovels, you need gutters in the school.

“If all the rubbish in the school, you decide that no, let’s separate the rubbers and then we sell it to those who will buy them, do you know maybe you can get money from that to buy at least one shovel, or one rake that will help the school.

“You don’t have to wait for the things to come from government or anybody else. Sometimes you have to take up the initiative yourselves,” a team member noted.

The team also donated some exercise books, pens, pencils, umbrellas, raincoats, dust bins and nose masks to the pupils.

Flood Fighters Movement (FFM) is a social movement group advocating for a flood-free capital and country.

FFM educates and encourages practices that can prevent flooding which has caused destruction to lives and properties.

Members of the public are encouraged to join the campaign, like the page and share to create more awareness.

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