May 24, 2024
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Full Story: Father 39, allegedly rapes 14 year old daughter at Bulpiela

A teenage girl has allegedly been raped by her biological father at Bulpiela a suburb of Tamale in the Northern region. The 14 year old girl (name withheld) claims the father has been forcefully sleeping with her for over a year now, under the pretext of a revelation he received from a native doctor.

The father of the victim a 39 year old, Abdul Hanan Shamrock allegedly informed the victim about his visit to a native doctor who predicted that, he had a teenage daughter who fears him a lot and in other for his daughter to stop fearing him, he must sleep with her to clear the spirit of fear in her.

The victim, narrating the incident to Robicon Mornahson, said the whole thing started one Sallah day when the father returned home and asked to carryout a virginity test on her to be sure of her status by injecting his fingers in to her private part.

The day it started he told me that he wanted to check whether am a virgin, so he kept his fingers in my vagina and he was checking. The he told me that am a virgin and the next time he did the same thing, and the other time his wife was in the bedroom, my step mom and then he came to me in the hall, he told me to undress myself and i did, and he started, i was feeling pains.

I was trying to push him away but he covered my mouth and held me tight, i couldn’t do anything.

The CEO of Future Academy School located in the Bulpiela area, allegedly threaten to go and kill the victims mother with some drugs in his possession within 30muntes if she failed to comply with his demand and out of fear, the little girl complied the first time.

The other time his wife runaway and he came again to do the same thing, but I didn’t know I was pregnant, in the third time I had to run to my moms place and i didn’t want to inform my mom to break her heart, so I told my friends about it and they gave me abortion pills.

Mother of the Victim, Madam Meimuna Musah speaking on the ‘Be_Citizens_Not_Spectators’ program on Radio Tamale 91.7 revealed that she was never married to Mr. Shamrock, the two only had the child out of wedlock. She indicated that, the matter was however reported to the Social Welfare department who also conducted their investigations and forwarded the findings of the case to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service.

But the CID in charge of the case indicated that, he will only be able to handle the investigation after he returned from his annual leave…she added.

However, the delay by the police compelled me to further report the matter to the chief of vittim, who only fined the man to present some items and cash to pacify the gods of the land over the abominable act.

Reacting to the allegation made against him, Mr. Abdul Hanan Shamrock stated that, the matter came to him as a shock because the information out there is completely false. He however believes the story out there was fabricated to get back at him over a demand made by the mother of the little girl for an amount of money to start a business which he couldn’t fulfil.

According to Abdul Hanan Shamrock, the family is ready to pursue the case to whatever level and will never pay for any cost allegedly incurred by the mother.

The teenage girl has been keeping boyfriends who have been able to acquire her a cellphone and she keeps late night calls all the time, he said.

Some neighbors within the area told Radio Tamale that, they do not believe such an event actually took place because of the kind of relationship that existed between the two. Elder brother to the accused, Afa Mooroo revealed that, they have also made a report at the police station because they believes there is more to the issue than “what everyone is hearing out there and the truth will surely prevail as time goes on”.

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