July 12, 2024
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Germany To Deport Illegal Immigrants On A Grand Scale

The German Cabinet on Wednesday, October 25, approved legislation to deport illegal immigrants seeking refuge in the country.

The intended law, according to the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, seeks to defuse migration as a political problem.

The bill, which would require parliamentary approval to take effect, foresees increasing the maximum length of pre-deportation custody from 10 days to 28 and specifically facilitating the deportation of people who are members of a criminal organization.

The intended law would also authorize residential searches for documentation that enables officials to firmly establish a person’s identity, as well as remove authorities’ obligation to give advance notice of deportations in some cases.

The decision of the German government to deport illegal immigrants from the country follows the influx of refugees seeking comfort and protection in the country.

The founder and chairman of the Ghana Support Association, Gee Queue in an interview with Joy News, indicated that there are several factors that often make illegal immigrants very noticeable in Germany.

On the part of Ghanaians, he noted that his association has been assisting those in Germany with the local languages so as to be well-versed in German culture.

According to Mr. Queue, there are about 60,000 Ghanaians staying in Germany, and not all those citizens have German passports.

Many Ghanaians have migrated to Germany to search for well-paid jobs and to further their education.

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