June 18, 2024
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Ghana Compact Technical Consultation on Climate Change held in Tamale

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) through the Ghana Compact Technical Consultation on Climate has echoed various ways to address the climate and environmental challenges confronting Ghana during a day’s workshop in Tamale.   

The Compact is of the belief that the increasing temperature, erratic rainfall and consistent flooding demonstrate that Ghana is vulnerable to the climate change crisis. 

Since 1980, Ghana has recorded an average temperature of about 27.6 degrees and a maximum temperature of 28 degrees, indicating a relatively high temperature.

Participants at the workshop were drawn from government agencies, educational institutions and the private sector to discuss relevant, quality, and sustainable ways relative to climate change. Some of the areas include; addressing climate risks in Agriculture, addressing the climate financing gap and Gender sensitive climate policy approach to implementing adaptation and mitigation measures.

Speaking at the event on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at Mariam Hotel, Senior fellow at ACET, Prof. John Asfo Adjaye stated that, climate change is not the only topic being discussed at the compact but the issues of Health, Education, providing jobs for the youth, National planning and management of the country’s economic affairs are all part of the agenda.

And all these things have had technical consultations and so the climate issue is the last one, in fact, the last issue will be on health.

According to Prof. Adjaye, Climate change affects men and women in different ways and women are most seriously disadvantaged because they’re already finding challenges with access to resources, access to inputs etc.

Climate change is going to make this situation even worse, so the aim is to see how as a country there can be processes to develop climate-sensitive policies to address the needs of women especially young girls and persons living with disabilities, he added.

Agricultural modernization offers a crucial path to industrialization and economic transformation. However, agricultural transformation is threatened by the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change, with many countries already experiencing droughts, floods, and variable rainfall.

To help farmers raise productivity, climate-smart agriculture can help build resilience. By applying technological innovations across the agricultural value chain, countries can turn climate risks into opportunities and boost their export competitiveness and economic diversification.

Senior fellow at ACET, Prof. John Asfo Adjaye

Some participants have also affirmed the importance of governments’ commitment in terms of acknowledging the gaps, and coming out with policies that can help achieve this aim.

The Compact is a process to articulate the future we want for Ghana by 2050. For more than a year, the process has involved identifying issues of importance to Ghanaians and factors that have impeded Ghana’s transformation. Consulting a wide cross-section of experts and opinion leaders; the process has engaged leaders of the political parties on the goals and expectations of the Compact. It has involved the youth in articulating their aspirations and hopes for the future and in identifying the values and mindset changes for a prosperous future. 

So the major advocacy work aims to amplify the collective African voice for climate action, in pursuit of common goals of increased climate funding, strengthened carbon markets, and climate reparations. Our work on agriculture builds on the research and findings from the 2017 African Transformation Report – Agriculture Powering Africa’s Economic Transformation – which emphasized the need for agriculture to be a key driver of transformation, and the 2021 African Transformation Report Integrating to Transform, which identified climate-smart agriculture as a key area for collective action to manage climate risks.

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