As part of governments drive to going cashless, GHQR is set to hold a 3 day awareness creation exercise dubbed “THE EXPERIENCE FAIR” in the northern regional capital Tamale from Thursday July 7 to Saturday July 9 2022.

The exercise is aimed at creating public awareness on the GHQR and GHPAY cashless payment platforms. The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlements Systems (Ghipss) together with financial institutions and payment service providers launched the Ghana universal QR code solution in March 2020 under the auspices of the Bank of Ghana, to ensure mass participation and avenues for cost effective acceptance of digital payments at merchant locations, in a bid to help government achieve its target of a cashless economy.

Ghana’s universal QR code solution, brings the country into terms with best practices and provide a cost effective alternative to payment receipts. Unlike existing QR codes in the Ghanaian market, the GHQR code allows merchants to receive payments from multiple customer funding sources including bank accounts, mobile money wallets etc, across different financial services providers.

GHQR will also allow merchants to receive instant payments for all transactions at their Merchant locations.

Ghipss is embarking on a nationwide GHQR experience fair to create awareness on the GHQR service. The tour takes its turn in the northern regional capital Tamale from Thursday July 7 to Saturday July 9.

Speaking to Radio Tamale news, head of co-operate communication, Eunice Ankomah disclosed that the GHQR code came into being to solve the challenges with interoperability that exist with current payment systems. Additionally, the code according to her makes payment flexible and efficient for customers who use both smartphones and “yam” .

Among other things, the GHQR comes with no transaction charges to customers.

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