June 23, 2024
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GMet launches Schools Green Climate Clubs in Northern region to fight climate change

The Ghana Metrological Agency has launched Schools Green Climate Clubs in Northern region in a bid to promote climate change activities in the selected schools. The purpose of the clubs is to educate the public on the importance of Green Climate to national development and support Government to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) that are in line with climate change.

The launch brought together students of ten Senior High Schools in the northern region. The Acting Director General of Ghana Metrological Service, Mr. Eric Asuman, said green climate plays a major role in the various sectors of the economy including improving upon productivity in areas such as agriculture and vegetation among others.

“The importance of meteorology to nation building cannot be overemphasized and the government of Ghana saw the need to categorize our work under essential service providers,” Mr. Asuman told journalists at the launch.

He indicated the clubs will raise environmental conscious leaders for the future who will focus on addressing challenges confronting climate change and would support the Ghana Metrological Service to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that affects climate change.

He said there is the need for engagement with the students and the general public to complement the government’s quest to address the effects of climate change to reduce the economic damage often caused as a result of climate change.

The launch was in collaboration with the Ghana Agriculture Sector Investment Program (GASIP) and Ministry of Communication and Digitalization was held under the theme: “Symposium on the Future of Weather, Climate and water Across Generations, the launch of Schools Green Climate Clubs”

He also said that, the engagement of students and the youth is to support them develop problem solving and entrepreneurial skills required to mitigate the challenges of climate change in future. “The needs of the nation at the local, district, regional and national levels are evolving and changing and therefore the role of the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) cannot be downplayed. The role of the Agency as weather and climate information providers will help users and policymakers to acquire quality information to take decisions”, he added.

He revealed that, the schools will be provided with the necessary tools, knowledge and with training to support GMet to protect the environment.

The Climate Change Adaptation Manager at GASIP, Dr. Edmund Kyei Akoto- Danso, said that students are taken as ambassadors to form Climate Green Clubs in their various schools to continued sensitizing their parents and colleagues on the negative impact of climate change in their communities. He believes that when the students are supported with the required knowledge they will be able to practice what has been taught. He urged students and teachers to support GMet to achieve their aim.

Story by Ibrahim Angaangmeni Alhassan

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