June 20, 2024
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Government masterminded looting of Saglemi – Sawla-Tuna-Kalba MP

The Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Works and Housing Committee, Andrew Dari Chiwitey, is alleging that the government masterminded the looting at the Saglemi Housing project.

According to him, the extent of looting witnessed at the housing project could not have been done by individual from neighbouring communities, but rather the work of an organised unit.

“You went to the site with us and you saw what happened. That was why that day at the project site I was asking questions. I was asking those who happened to visit the project with us in 2017/2018, we saw the level of work there.

“We saw the quality of work that was done, but two weeks ago when we went there you saw what happened. As if the government planned, went to the project site with trucks, with boys, for them to pick out the doors, louvre blades, glasses, fittings…you were there with us, look, 1,506 housing units, you saw it.

“All the houses were touched, not a single one was left out. How could that happen if it was not an organized something. 1,100 solid houses, every house was touched. Either the doors removed, or the windows removed, or the fittings removed, or the sink removed. Everything was touched there. How?” he said.

The Member of Parliament for Sawla-Tuna-Kalba said the organised looting of the place may be linked to the government’s sudden U-turn to sell the project to a private developer.

According to him, the previous Housing Minister, Atta-Akyea, had described the Saglemi project as “the best project” thus it is questionable how the project has suddenly been described as a failed project by the same government.

The Minority are resolved on their position to resist the privatization of the Saglemi project, asking government to “fix the mess they created.”

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