June 14, 2024
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Hate, jealously in northern entertainment worrying – Ghanaian based in USA to Gadam

A Ghanaian who hails from Sagnarigu in the Northern Region and is currently based in California in the
United States of America (USA), Alhaji Abdul Somed is advising northern musician, Fancy Gadam to take
steps to protect his career.

In a letter to the one time Vodafone Ghana Music Awards new artiste of the year, the concerned
Ghanaian living in California hatred, envy and bitterness are not just in entertainment, but in religion
and politics in the North.

Accordingto him, his colleagues in the Southern part of the county would quickly relocate to abroad,
when they see signs of “pull him down” by their own people ensure that their music career doesn’t end.

Below is the full letter for your perusal:

Dear Fancy Gadam,

The hate, bitterness, envy and jealousy in us as northerners is worrying. And it is not just only in
entertainment, but in politics, religion, chieftancy etc.

When an Ashanti man or southerner gets fame, he quickly finds better life elsewhere, and it is either
United kingdom, USA, Germany. Because he or she knows the fame doesn’t last forever.

But when a northerner sees the light, he stays with his people, and by the time he realizes his own
people will bring him down and that’s what we are seeing or experiencing now.

I blame you, Fancy Gadam for all this. Gadam brand is bigger than the whole northern region
entertainment cycle. You need to think and rethink well and move out of your comfort zone for better
life elsewhere.

The likes of wizkid of Nigeria took their brand elsewhere in the United states of America, California.

But trust me if wizkid was to live in Nigeria at the time he was becoming popular, things would’ve been
hard for him in the industry. Fancy Gadam, its time to act and move out for better life elsewhere with
your family.

It has confirmed that Mr Tell has teamed up with Yendi youth to ruin your career but we shouldn’t
forget and never forget that whatever we sow in life is what we shall reap.

By Concern Northerner based in California, Alhaji Abdul Somed.

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